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Lori Zeltwanger, PT
is a licensed physical therapist and owner of Advanced Release Therapy in Sedona, AZ, specializing in pain release and women's health. She attended Purdue and Indiana Universities and completed manual therapy studies in the Netherlands. Lori has participated in extensive continuing education training. She has been a leader in Myofascial Release for over 15 years, training therapists internationally and treating thousands of patients in chronic pain. She is considered to be one of the leading myofascial release therapists in the world and has facilitated healthy change in many lives.

Lori has mastered the ability to assess and listen to your body's needs during each treatment. She gently and gracefully facilitates the letting go of physical, emotional and energetic restrictions that you no longer need and nurtures the emergence of your potential.

Lori has worked as:

  • Director of Therapy on the Rocks in Sedona, AZ
  • Consultant to the National Headquarters of Myofascial Release Treatment centers, developing their Intensive programs
  • Intructor with the Myofascial Release Seminars
  • Co-creator and instructor of the Myofasical Healing Seminars

Lori is offering a fresh perspective on the myofasical release principles and is advancing the training programs in a whole new way through the development of Advanced Release Therapy seminars.

Lori teaches the myofascial release program at the Northern Arizona Massage Therapy Institute in Sedona.

Lori also teaches Live Without Pain, a 1 hr workshop on self treatment to help eliminate your pain @ Los Abrigados Resort & Spa in Sedona on Tues from 2-3 pm. Call 928-282-5108 to reserve your space in this workshop.

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